CSSSP Level 2: Professional

It’s all about space and security! Connecting you with the space and cybersecurity¬†

CSSSP Level II Skills Roadmap

  • Space Digital Forensics
  • Management, Legal & Audit
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CSSSP Level 2:

  • Space Digital Forensics and Incident Response certifications encompass abilities that professionals need to succeed, confirming that professionals can detect compromised space systems and identify how and when a breach occurred.
  • Space Management certifications confirm the practical skills to build and lead security teams, communicate with both technical teams and business leaders, and develop capabilities that strengthen your organization’s security posture.

CSSSP Level II Skills Roadmap

  • Managing Technical Space Security Operations
  • Space RMF and Critical Controls
  • Space Planning, Policy, Leadership
  • Space Vulnerability Management
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Space Project Management
  • Space Audit & Legal
  • Space Law & Investigations
  • Space Network Forensics
  • Forensics
  • Space Threat Intel & Forensics
  • Malware Analysis & Space Threat Intelligence
  • Space Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Space Battlefield Forensics
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