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Space Red and Blue Teams

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CSSSP Levels

It’s all about space and security! Connecting you with the space and cybersecurity

CSSSP Level I: Specialist

Entry Level Operation, Analysts, Auditors and Policy Makers
Core Space Technologies and Baseline Skills
• Prevent, Defend, Maintain
• Space Security Essentials

CSSSP Level II: Professional

Network Operation and Admin
Space Security Management
• Managing Technical Space Security OperationsSpace Security Management
• Space RMF and Critical ControlsSpace Security Managementt
• Space RMF and Critical Controls Space Security Management

CSSSP Level III: Expert

Forensic, Defensive/offensive Blue Team, Red Team
• Blue Team:
• Space Monitoring and Detection
• Space Penetration Testing
• Space Incident Response and Threat Hunting


It’s all about space and Security! Connecting you with the Space and Cybersecurity


Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP)

Did you know? Tonex the leader in Space & Cybersecurity training and consulting services has created IS4 and CSSSP. Read the full story here

  • Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP) certification is ideal for space and security practitioners, analysts, engineers, managers, and executives interested in proving their knowledge across space security best practices and principles.
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