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It's all about Space and Security ! Connecting you with space & cybersecurity

CSSSP Certification Program Course

Classroom Training Program

IS4 Community: CSSSP Study Group

International Society of Space and Security Specialists (ISSSS/IS4) Commitment: Learn What It Takes To Secure the Space

Our mission is to provide the information, tools and insights to help you grow and excel in your career as  Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP). Our CSSSP and other IS4 certification programs are impactful – for you as well as the future of nations that increasingly rely on the space industry for everything from communications to national security.

Do you have what it takes to effectively plan, architect, design, implement and manage a vital space cybersecurity program?  Your certification as a CSSSP says you do.

Classroom Training

Be Better Prepared To Pass IS4 certification exams. Be confident. In addition to offering certified training programs, we partner with leading corporations and universities around the world, so you have convenient access to Official Training developed by (IS4). Learn More >

IS4 Community: CSSSP Chapters, Study Groups And More!

IS4 has created online communities and study groups for CSSSP and other IS4 certifications. In addition to connecting with others studying for exams, you can discuss best practices, collaborate with others on cybersecurity issues, view job postings, or just check in with peers! Join the Conversation with 200+ Space and Cybersecurity Professionals. Learn More >

Get Certified in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Submit your CSSSP Certification Application to the Certification Board for approval.

Step 2

Complete the required core CSSSP courses via IS4.ORG's Certification Workshop.

Step 3

Take IS4's Certification Exam using our online exam.

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