Certified Space Cyber Policy Analyst (CSCPA™)

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The Certified Space Cyber Policy Analyst (CSCPA™) certification is designed for professionals involved in crafting and overseeing cyber policies and strategies in the space sector. This certification addresses the unique challenges of cybersecurity in space operations, including satellite communication, space mission control, and data transmission security.


  • To understand the cyber threats and vulnerabilities specific to space operations.
  • To develop expertise in creating robust cyber policies and strategies for space systems.
  • To ensure effective coordination and oversight of cybersecurity initiatives in the space sector.
  • To align space cyber policies with broader national and international security objectives.

Target Audience:

  • Cybersecurity professionals specializing in space systems and operations.
  • Policymakers and analysts involved in national security, space policy, and cyber defense.
  • Professionals in aerospace companies responsible for cyber risk management.
  • Academics and researchers focused on space cybersecurity and policy.

Exam and Knowledge Domains

Exam Domains:

  • Cybersecurity Principles in Space Operations
  • Policy Development for Space Cybersecurity
  • Threat Analysis and Risk Management in Space Systems
  • National and International Regulations Affecting Space Cyber Policy
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation of Space Cyber Initiatives

Number of Questions: 80

Type of Questions: Multiple-choice, essay-based, policy drafting, and case studies

Passing Grade: 75%

The CSCPA certification would require candidates to have an in-depth understanding of the intersection between space operations and cybersecurity, emphasizing the ability to develop and manage effective cyber policies in the space domain. The program would blend theoretical learning with practical exercises and case studies, preparing candidates to tackle the unique challenges of space cybersecurity.

Course Outlines:

Module 1: Introduction to Space Cyber Policy Analysis

  • Overview of Space Cyber Policy
  • Importance of Cybersecurity in Space Operations
  • Historical Context of Space Cyber Policy
  • Key Stakeholders in Space Cyber Policy
  • Current Challenges and Threats
  • Emerging Trends in Space Cyber Policy

Module 2: Legal and Regulatory Frameworks in Space Cyber Policy

  • International Treaties and Agreements
  • National Legislation and Regulations
  • Compliance and Enforcement Mechanisms
  • Jurisdictional Issues in Space Cyber Policy
  • Interagency Collaboration and Coordination
  • Emerging Legal Challenges in Space Cyber Policy

Module 3: Risk Assessment and Management in Space Cyber Policy

  • Threat Landscape Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment Methodologies
  • Risk Identification and Prioritization
  • Mitigation Strategies and Best Practices
  • Incident Response and Recovery Planning
  • Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

Module 4: Technology and Innovation in Space Cyber Policy

  • Space Systems Architecture and Design Considerations
  • Secure Communication Protocols and Encryption Methods
  • Authentication and Access Control Mechanisms
  • Cyber Hygiene and Best Practices for Space Operations
  • Emerging Technologies in Space Cybersecurity
  • Ethical and Privacy Implications of Space Cyber Policy

Module 5: Governance and Diplomacy in Space Cyber Policy

  • Multilateral Cooperation and Diplomatic Initiatives
  • Bilateral and Regional Agreements
  • Space Situational Awareness and Information Sharing
  • Diplomatic Engagement in Crisis Management
  • Norms and Guidelines for Responsible Behavior in Space
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Space Cyber Policy

Module 6: Future Trends and Challenges in Space Cyber Policy

  • Space Militarization and Arms Control
  • AI and Machine Learning in Space Cybersecurity
  • Quantum Cryptography and Post-Quantum Security
  • Space Debris and Environmental Sustainability
  • Policy Implications of Space Colonization and Exploration
  • Ethics and Governance in Emerging Space Cyber Technologies

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