Certified Space Security Specialist Professional

Space Policy Directive-5 (Spd-5)

Space Policy Directive-5 (Spd-5) Spd-5 establishes key cybersecurity principles to guide and serve as the foundation for America’s approach to the cyber protection of space systems. Space systems enable key functions such as global communications; positioning, navigation and timing; scientific observation; exploration; weather monitoring; and multiple vital national defense applications. These systems, networks, and channels …

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CSSSP Domains, DoD 8570 and NIST

CSSSP Domains (CBK) match to 8570 and NIST Space Cybersecurity Foundation Space Security Planning, Policy and Leadership Cybersecurity Threats in Space Space System Survivability and Cyber Warfare Cyber Warfare Capabilities in Space Missions Electronic and Cyber Warfare in Outer Space Risk Management Framework (RMF) Applied to Space   Projects and Systems Space Threat and Vulnerability …

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