CSSSP Focus Area

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CSSSP Focus Areas

Critical space assets and highly specialized usages, ensuring space operations are well-versed in essential space cybersecurity.
Space Digital Forensics and Incident Response certifications encompass abilities that professionals need to succeed, confirming that professionals can detect compromised space systems and identify how and when a breach occurred.
Space Management certifications confirm the practical skills to build and lead security teams, communicate with both technical teams and business leaders, and develop capabilities that strengthen your organization’s security posture.
Spans the entire space defense spectrum and are focused in two areas: cyber defense essentials and blue teaming.
Spans the entire space defense spectrum and are focused in two areas: cyber defense essentials and red teaming.

Other Space Cybersecurity Certifications:

Space Engineering Specialist (SEC)
Space Cyber Leadership Certificate (SCLC)
Space Cyber Authority Expert (SCAE)
Space Cyber Operations Manager (SCOM)
Space Cyber Operations Specialist (SCOS)
Space Cyber Manager (SCM)
Space Cyber Domain Expert (SCDE)
Space Cyber Application Specialist (SCAS)
Space Cyber Engineering Specialist (SCES)
Space Cyber Technology Professional (SCTP)
Space Cyber Infrastructure Specialist (SCIS)
Space Cyber Infrastructure Expert (SCIE)

CSSSP Level I Skills Roadmap

CSSSP Level I: Specialist
Core Space Technologies and Baseline Skills
Prevent, Defend, Maintain
Space Security Essentials
Space Asset Vulnerability Analysis

CSSSP Level I: Space Cybersecurity Operations Specialists

Sensor Fusion Integration with Space Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity for Space Systems and System of Systems (SoS)
Space Communications and Network Security

CSSSP Level II Skills Roadmap

Managing Technical Space Security Operations
Space RMF and Critical Controls
Space Planning, Policy, Leadership
Space Vulnerability Management
Leadership Essentials
Space Project Management
Space Audit & Legal
Space Law & Investigations
Space Network Forensics
Space Threat Intel & Forensics
Malware Analysis & Space Threat Intelligence
Space Cyber Threat Intelligence
Space Battlefield Forensics
Space Security Planning, Policy and Leadership
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL)
Integration, Blockchain Integration and Software Designed Radio (SDR)
with Space Cybersecurity

CSSSP Level II: Space Cybersecurity

Forensics Penetration Testing and Computer Network Defense
Space Intrusion Detection Analysis
Space Cybersecurity Forensics and Computer Network Defense
Space Cyber Forensic Analysis
Space Incident Response and Network Forensics
Space Network and System Reverse Engineering
Space Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

CSSSP Level III Skills Roadmap

Blue Team:

Blue Team:
Space Monitoring and Detection
Space Penetration Testing
Space Incident Response and Threat Hunting
Space Cyber Defense Operations
Open-Source Space Intelligence
Advanced Space Security Essentials
Space with Tactical Analytics
Space Cyber T&E: Blue Team

Red Team

Specialized Penetration Testing
In-Depth Network Coverage
Purple Team Tactics
Penetration Testing
Space Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis
Space Ethical Hacking
Space Vulnerability
Space Cyber T&E: Red Team

CSSSP Level III: Space Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Warfare
Computer Network Operations in Space (CNA, CNE, CND)
Electronic and Cyber Warfare in Outer Space
Remote Sensing Security with Satellite