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Fees: Corporate

CategoryAnnual Revenue Band2022-2023 Fees
Corporate 1:annual revenues > $40 billion USD$69,000
Corporate 2:annual revenues – $25 billion to $40 billion USD$59,000
Corporate 3:annual revenues – $10 billion to $25 billion USD$49,000
Corporate 4:annual revenues – $1 billion to $10 billion USD$39,250
Corporate 5:annual revenues – $100 million to $1 billion USD$29,500
Corporate 6:annual revenues – $1 million to $100 million USD$19,900

Fees: Individual

CategoryMembership Level2022-2023 Fees
Individual MembershipBasic$299
Individual MembershipAdvanced*$499
Individual Student MembershipBasic$99
Individual Student MembershipAdvanced*$259

*Advanced membership includes 30% of certification fees and participation in the development standards plus voting rights.

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