Aircraft Avionics Systems Technology Course, Become an Avionics Technician

Aircraft Avionics Systems Technology Course, Become an Avionics Technician. Avionic technology is indispensible part to enable the flight crew so that they can carry out the aircraft mission safely. Also efficiency in everything from carrying passengers to their destination to intercepting a hostile aircraft. It’s much important for avionic systems engineers to have a complete understanding of the avionic technology systems.


Avionics Technology

Ensures Flying High With the Hard-working Data Bus

Aviation + Electronics = Avionics

Avionics is a contraction word of aviation and electronics. The Avionics technology literaly focuses on the electronic systems used on aircraft, spacecraft and artificial satellites. However, avionics systems themselves cover communications, navigation and the display and management of multiple other systems such as the hundreds of systems fitted to aircraft to perform individual functions.

Why Avionics Technology ? What is the use of it ?

  • To ensure engine controls & Flight control systems working nicely
  • To perform better navigation and seamless communications
  • To assist flight recorders, lighting and fuel systems,
  • To perform threat detection, track and report performance measures
  • To provide services & carry out missions,
  • To make new discoveries, and operate within established safety parameters.

Did you know? The most advanced avionics systems also integrate multiple functions to improve performance, simplify maintenance, and contain costs.

In fact, All the modern aircraft, spacecraft, and artificial satellite use avionics technology. Every modern aircraft, spacecraft, and artificial satellite uses electronic system. Commercial airliners, helicopters, military fighter jets, unmanned aerial vehicles Commercial airliners, helicopters, military fighter jets, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), business jets, and spacecraft all use avionics.


The aircraft or spacecraft avionics may include;

✓ Engine controls,
✓ Flight control systems
✓ Navigation
✓ Communications
✓ Flight recorders
✓ Lighting systems
✓ Threat detection
✓ Fuel systems
✓ Electro-optic (EO/IR) systems
✓ Weather radar
✓ Performance monitoring systems


Want to learn more? Tonex offers Avionics Technology Crash Course, a 2-day class. Tonex Training covers advanced avionics technology, Network/I0 systems used in these aircraft, digital data bus communication, software and hardware architecture, avionics systems design and engineering principles, ARP 475, Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) and ARINC ‘protocols.

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Avionics Technology Course Objective

Learning opportunities. You will be learning

  • Basic theory of aviation operation
  • Fundamentals of IMA Systems & Characteristics
  • Differenciating ARINC 653, DO-297 and DO-178
  • Partitioned Avionic Software fundamental
  • Avionics Network & JO
  • Aircraft Data Network (ADN) and Avionics Full-Duplex

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