CubeSat Cybersecurity Development Training & Workshop

CubeSat Development Training & Workshop. Learn how CubeSats transforming the future of space discovery and education. Today, CubeSats are opening up space research to public and private entities like never before. Many experts in the space technology sector believe that CubeSats transforming the future of space discovery.

CubeSat definition

It’s miniature version of satellites, light in weight. CubeSats are important mini satellites that have huge roles in both the scientific and commercial sectors. Mini satellites have been used exclusively in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), and can be used for exploring and interplanetary missions.

Use of CubeSat, nano satellites benefits

You may ask what is the use, benefits of these type of space gadgets. The response will be,

  • To explore deep web,
  • To reduce time and cost, easy to use,
  • In search of dark moon-side water,
  • To find out inhabitable planets/ extrasolar planets,
  • It offers complementary connectivity solution to the pervading AI network.

Machine Learning (ML) for CubeSat resource. Read more here >>>

Space CubeSats Cybersecurity

The CubeSat Future Is Wide Open. Want to learn more? Tonex offers Introductions to CubeSat, a 2-day course what highlights the fundamental concepts and processes for CubeSat analysis, design and developments. You will learn about the CubeSats or miniature satellites that have been used exclusively in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).


Space engineering programs

Graduate candidates in Space Cybersecurity certification programs, will be expected to fill technical executive and senior-level positions in commercial companies as well as local, state, and federal government with a variety of titles such as:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Space Cybersecurity
  • Chief Space Cybersecurity Operations Officer
  • Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Space Vehicles
  • Senior Analysts, Space Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Officer, Space Force
  • Senior Scientist, Space Cybersecurity
  • Senior Software Engineer, Space Cybersecurity
  • Senior Penetration Chief, Space Cybersecurity Division
  • Senior Director, Red Team, Space Cybersecurity
  • Senior Director, Blue Team, Space Cybersecurity

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CSSSP Program