certification programs by IS4

CSSSP Level I Skills Roadmap

  • Offensive Space Operations
  • CSSSP Level I Skills Roadmap

CSSSP Level II Skills Roadmap

  • Space Digital Forensics
  • Management, Legal & Audit

CSSSP Level III Skills Roadmap

  • Defensive Space Operations
  • Offensive Space Operations

CSSSP Certification Program Purpose

is4.org (International Society of Space and Security Specialists/IS4) is an international membership association for space and security professionals committed to helping its members learn, grow, certify and thrive. We empower professionals who touch every aspect of space and security. Our CSSSP certification and other space cybersecurity path proves you have what it takes to effectively plan, architect, design, implement and manage a best-in-class space cybersecurity program.

CSSSP Level I, II and III

  • CSSSP Level I: Specialist 
  • CSSSP Level II: Professional
  • CSSSP Level III: Expert

CSSSP Certification Domains

  1. Space Cybersecurity Mission Management
  2. Space Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Warfare
  3. Space Cybersecurity Operations
  4. Space Cybersecurity Forensics Penetration Testing and Computer Network Defense
  5. Space Information Assurance

CSSSP Certification by Job Function

  • Basic Operator 
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Analyst
  • Policy Maker
  • Auditor
  • Incident
  • Responder
  • Forensic
  • Defensive
  • Offensive
  • Space Information Assurance and Asset Management convers the information security defense in depth of space assets and supporting infrastructure throughout its entire SDLC lifecycle IAW with FISMA NIST, CNSS and industry standards.
  • Space Cybersecurity Operations covers cybersecurity 24/7 365-day operational support meant to secure and maintain Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of space based and terrestrial support asset’s computer systems, networks and data.
  • Space Cybersecurity Forensics, Penetration Testing and Computer Network Defense covers forensics and incident response support for space based and terrestrial support asset’s computer systems, networks and data.
  • Space Cybersecurity Mission Management covers the management of space cybersecurity mission program management and the management and infusion of new technologies into space programs and space cybersecurity operations.
  • Space Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Warfare and Data Analytics covers space computer network operations (CNA, CNE, CND), threat intelligence and data analytics to support intelligence operations and cyber warfare.