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Space Cybersecurity — Digital era needs safeguards

Space Cybersecurity. Attention here! Shine your career as space cybersecurity professional. First movers always enjoy the best advantages with priority. Why not you? why not now? “Space X” has not built in a day.

While, most cybersecurity professionals today advice both corporate and government level organizations to focus on securing all points of entry in all matters involving space operations, you should not sit idle.

Tonex is one of the most reliable training provider offers one such program called Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP) .We and Tonex are working together on CSSSP training course.

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SpaceCyber.Org is a global leader in global space security education, training, and certification. Space Cyber addresses issues of space cyber and terrorism raised at the forefront of security of space at large.

Shine your career as space cybersecurity professional. We will be helping you all the way long.

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