Space Engineering Courses

Space Engineering Courses

Space Engineering Courses. Space Operations and Cybersecurity Training, Courses and Certifications.

Being a global leader in global space security platform; IS4 offers space engineering education, training, courses and certification. We also provide consultancy services for space technologies and operational capabilities, operational missions of spacelift, satellite communications, EO-IR sensor capabilities, AI and sensor fusion, missile warning and space control.

Now a days, it needs no telling that Space engineering plays a significant role. The world-wide special attention simply recognise it. Once a time while invasion only took place in ground, however space has also been added to the plot. All the countries are trying to improve their space engineering applications to dominate the opponent. This is why, a lot of engineering places been discovered and started shaping.

A space engineer job is really challenging and much demandable, praiseworthy. We offer several good courses for a space engineer. See our electronic warfare course

Space engineering certification courses

CSSSP (Certified Space Security Specialist Professional)
Fundamentals of Positioning, Navigation and Timing
Space Mission Systems Engineering Training
Space Systems Engineering Fundamentals

The space sector is simply unique in the field of cybersecurity. It has been an industry where civil, commercial and military applications seamlessly co-exist, creating a haphazard situation for cybersecurity experts and telecommunication engineers. Enrol to our engineering space programs and increase your strategic value.

See our more space security engineering programs

Certified Space Ethical Hacker (CSEH)™
Certified Space Information Security Manager (CSISM)™
Certified Space Network Architect (CSNA)™
Certified Space Penetration Professional (CSPP)™
Certified Space Intelligence Analyst (CSIA)™
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